Residential Landscaping

Adobe Landscape offers a wide selection of services for all styles of landscaping. We service residential and commercial properties.

Rock Landscape

The best option to save money on water bills and the need of an irrigation system. Minimum maintenance, low cost, and a large variety of rocks to choose from.

Irrigation Installation

Sprinkler systems save you water, time, and most importantly, money. We design irrigation systems focusing on water conservation and saving money.

Trees & Shrubs Installation

When it comes to your precious landscape, trees and shrubs make any landscape look alive. We provide a wide variety of trees and shrubs to choose from.

Sod/Grass Installation

Having sod in your home enhances the look of your home. Sod prevents dirt from entering your home. Sod is cooler than having rock, concrete, or hardscape areas.

Artificial Grass

The installation of artificial grass keeps you away from lawn services such as weed control, fertilizing, and the need for sprinkler systems. It looks green all the time.

Irrigation Plans

A sprinkler system is a very important feature for any terrace or backyard garden. Our team of experts can follow any irrigation plan no matter how big or small the project is.