Projects That Increase Your Home’s Value

Appealing landscaping goes a long way. When planning to sell your home, you can gain up to 10% more with a well maintained landscape. Here are 3 landscaping additions which can increase your home’s property value.

Plant Trees

Installing trees is a great way to increase the value of your property. It can add up to $9,000 to your home’s value. When adding trees to your home you have to make sure to keep distance from the septic system, driveways, and the home as well to prevent any problems. Plus, who doesn’t love extra shade?

Install An Irrigation System

A green lawn is appealing to the eye, but it can be a hassle to water it yourself all the time. There is no better solution than having an irrigation system that does it all for you and your future buyers.

Install Landscape Lighting

Appealing lighting does not only enhances your home security, it also increases your property’s value. Lighting can silhouette your trees, prevent tripping, and keep robbers away. Experts say a lighting system can increase your home’s value up to 3%.